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March 26 2021

How to Insure your Yacht ?


Owning yachts or other types of boats is a significant luxury that unfortunately comes with specific risks.

Whether you own jet skis, a sailboat or a yacht, the advisors at BUREAU SCHNEIDER ASSURANCES can provide you with solutions for all the cover and bespoke services you are entitled to expect.

Working with our host of partners, we search for the marine insurance that suits you best : damage, loss, breakdown, rescue, assistance and even



BUREAU SCHNEIDER ASSURANCES has been specialising in leisure insurance since 2000 and advising all kinds of boat owners in how best to insure their boats.

Our know-how and extensive experience in the global market means we can find the best insurance solutions for your sailboat, yacht, jet skis

or motor boat...


The different types of cover vital for boat owners

For boat owners it is important to cover the vessel in the event of total loss or partial damage, along with its equipment and fittings, even when the insured is liable for damage with Comprehensive Leisure Insurance.


Third Party Liability Insurance covers damage caused to a third party by the owner, their guests or crew.

Personal Accident Insurance covers the financial repercussions in the event of personal disability or death caused by an accident. 

It covers you, as the owner, as well as your guests on board for accidents at sea, in the port or, during servicing and maintenance work, and for excursions on shore for less than 48 hours.

And finally War, Confiscation and Strikes Risk insurance is an excellent complement to Comprehensive Insurance in case you end up sailing in high risk areas.

It covers loss or damage to your vessel in the event of civil unrest, terrorist acts and incidents related to conflicts, civil wars or wars...


Choosing the right pleasure insurance with the help of the experts at BUREAU SCHNEIDER ASSURANCES means you can go sailing with peace of mind knowing that you’re fully covered in the event of an accident.

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