May 13 ,2020

Pandemic : new trends in Travel 




As travellers cancelled their travel plans with the outbreak of coronavirus and tried to get refunds, travel insurance has become a major topic for discussion along with changing modes of transport.


First of all in the future, we will have to factor in the possible seasonal effects of the pandemic. Once the Southern Hemisphere starts to move into its winter months, we will get a better idea of whether these countries and regions see the virus spread again. Consequently, travel in the Southern Hemisphere will be adversely affected. Conversely, if the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere help to reduce the spread of the virus, we could see an easing of travel restrictions, leading to more travel in these countries and regions. We could potentially see a more widespread change to "summer" travel depending on how the virus behaves - the Southern Hemisphere from November to April, the Northern Hemisphere from May to October.


It is therefore not difficult to imagine a significant change in behaviour in the way we travel and insure our trips in the immediate future.


Travellers will look for new ways of getting around to avoid overcrowding and long waiting times in confined spaces. First Class flights are the perfect response to these new requirements.


In fact, the ultimate step before your own private jet can be found at Emirates with Emirates Boeing 777 First Class which offers fully enclosed suites so you can enjoy your own private hotel room in the air. Privacy, room service, virtual windows and zero gravity seats: unsurpassed service when you travel in the Best First Class in the world 2019 according to Emirates customers on TripAdvisor.


As for flights on private jets they offer all the guarantees of social distancing required to stem the spread of Covid 19.

More flexible and responsive than airlines, the private jet industry can organise flights that day and create made to measure itineraries.

At Dassault Aviation, the Falcon 8X is the new flagship of the Falcon range. With a maximum range of 11,945 km this ultra long range aircraft can fly non-stop from Paris to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to Beijing or London City to New York. Private jet travel offers an unrivalled level of comfort and all the benefits of the safest and most reliable way of travelling in the world.


What role will travel insurance play in the future ?


Travel insurance will play an increasingly important role. We will see the emergence of new "pandemic" friendly insurance policies

In fact insurance products tailored to pandemics do not have any general exclusions for pandemics or epidemics. Other types of cover featured in these products can include emergency medical and evacuation cover for insured travellers who contract coronavirus during their travels. The solutions may also include trip cancellation insurance if the insured is officially quarantined or contracts the virus after having taken out the insurance and before their departure date.


With BUREAU SCHNEIDER ASSURANCES you can protect yourself against all the specific risks associated with the Covid 19 pandemic anywhere and at any time.

Protect yourself in Luxembourg or abroad with extended guarantees tailored to your specific needs to ensure your complete peace of mind on all your travels.

If you would like to find our more about our insurance products and get advice from the experts at BUREAU SCHNEIDER ASSURANCES please contact us, we are here to help you.